Will my international move be a trouble free one?

Probably yes!

The most a professional international moving company can do is to lessen the stress and sense of harrowing that moving to another city or country represents.

Moving is one of the most stressful events in life

Placed by some experts only after personal loss and illness. If you have not moved before you will soon find out.

Family and good friends are left behind, a new job position to take care of, customs and language in the new country might be completely different, finding a new way around, making new friends, besides the stress of having your home full of strange persons packing and picking up your valuable and dear possessions, not knowing if they will arrive safely, being confiscated or stolen somewhere along the line, and after receiving the goods not knowing where to find what you need, having to go through what seems to be hundreds of boxes to find them out, etc.

How your support Moreno International

Moreno International provides you with the convenience and safety of knowing your possessions are well packed, clearly marked, handled, stowed, picked up, transported and delivered by professional movers wherever you may travel to.

We have the experience, knowhow and business contacts to conduct the whole moving process as stress less as it may possibly be.

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