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Guadalajara, also known as "The West Pearl", is the city capital of the state Jalisco, which is located in the western part of the country, and is home to 1,494,134 people. Its climate is temperate with little humidity, with rainy season occupying the months from May to October.

Summers become more humid, with temperatures averaging 33 ° C (91 ° F ); during the winter, especially in January and February, it is common to see thermometers reading all the way down to 7° C (45 ° F ).

Guadalajara is the epitome of Mexican culture. It is the world's capital of tequila, mariachi, and charrerías. It is also the country's most important electronic cluster and one of the most important at a world-wide level. It is known as the Mexican Silicon Valley due to its strong electronic industry.

If you are moving to Guadalajara

You'll definitely find your favorite food and restaurants in Guadalajara. There are great Mexican food places such as the traditional Los Otates with their famous quesadillas; globally known franchises such as McDonald's, Applebees or Pizza Hut; and restaurants from all over the world and for every palate.

If you like to exercise, there are many open parks to go jogging or biking such as the beautiful Parque Agua Azul. There are also a number of modern gyms like Sport City, with several branches all over the city. Sports fans, remember Guadalajara is home to professional soccer teams Chivas, Atlas, and Estudiantes Tecos.

Moving with kids to Guadalajara

Consider in anticipation which school you want your kids to attend: excellent schools in Guadalajara include Colegio Inglés de Guadalajara and Colegio Británico de Guadalajara which are bilingual (English, Spanish), or the religious Instituto Miguel Ángel de Occidente, which also teaches French

Best Places to Live in Guadalajara

Remember to think about the distance to your workplace or your kids school when looking for a house in Guadalajara.

Great places to live in Guadalajara include for example Puerta de Hierro, Valle Real, San Javier, Providencia, Bugambilias, or El Palomar.

Cost of living in Guadalajara

The average monthly cost of living in Guadalajara, considering a middle to upper class family lifestyle, ranges from $2478 to $5478 USD.

Jalisco's capital Guadalajara is a city you won't want to leave. We are sure this information will result useful, and we are glad to assist you in your future move to Guadalajara.

Planning ahead your move is our best advice.

Make a good choice for your move and choose what items you plan to sell, leave with family, gift, etc. A very good selection help reduce the price of your international move.

Do not include items considered prohibited in Mexico. Ask us for help to save you trouble, unnecessary costs, delays and possible confiscation of all or part of moving through customs.

On moving day, locked by key your passports, plane tickets, money, securities, jewelry, medicines, school documents of your children, etc. so do not go with the move and when you need to have to wait until you deliver the move ..

Contact Moreno International, your international moving company, a few weeks in advance, so you can find out what documentation you require and request a survey visit to your home to find out how much it will cost the move and book dates Packaging & load.

Simplifying as far as possible on customs regulations for moving of household goods, it is necessary to know the required documentation because it is not the same for Mexican and foreign, as well as knowing the items that are allowed into the country.

    All shipments of household goods are inspected by customs upon entry.

  • a) Documentation required for Mexicans
  • As far as returning Mexicans documentation required to prove to the Mexican embassy or consulate to your home, your nationality, proof of having lived abroad for at least six months in a row concerns. This is usually done by presenting receipts for rent, gas, electricity, telephone, etc. for the past six months as well as a list of moving your belongings including make, model and serial number of electrical appliances or furniture that identify them. With this documentation and authorization embassy or consulate issued an indispensable document entitled "certificate to the list of household goods for Mexican" without which there can be imported into the country moving.

    Besides the above additional information and fill forms they will be required. Ask us and we will gladly provide them to you.

  • b) Documentation required for foreigners
  • Citizens of other countries need to have proper immigration visa and passport in addition to presenting a list of the properties contained in the move, as described in the preceding paragraph. In these cases it may or may not be required to obtain a document called "certificate to the list of household FOR FOREIGNERS". At the time of writing of this publication, this conditionality depends on the input port of the move to the country. To clarify your case in particular, ask us.

    Besides the above additional information and fill forms they will be required. Ask us and we will gladly provide them to you.

  • c) What you are allowed to bring in your move
  • Mexican customs regulations to household goods allow you to include in the same duty-free furniture and belongings used by more than six months, exclusive for daily use of one family, such as furniture, clothes, books, ornaments, etc.

  • d) What you can not bring in your move
  • Do not allow you to include and bring new or under six months of use items, new or used in their original packaging, plants or animals, food or beverages of any kind, firearms, ammunition, medicines, drugs, items items "pirate "automobiles, motorcycles, motor boats, golf carts operating on gasoline, cash or securities, jewelry, etc. If you have questions or concerns please contact us.

  • e) Motor cars and other motor vehicles

Mexicans can not import cars along with your move

Foreigners with valid temporary resident visa, if they can obtain temporary import permit, this should lead to the hinterland personally if the shipment by land or presented at the port of entry to reach the vehicle by sea . Only one car is permitted by each holder of visa and the temporary permit is normally issued for the duration of the visa.

If you have questions, please ask us advise you. Our commitment is to serve you and avoid problems.

Provide in our quotation page (click here), your nationality, city and country where you live, to Mexico City silent you, whether you have all the required documentation and what furniture and personal effects move think. With this information we will email you an approximate price and be of interest then we recommend a visit to your home by our nearest agent can offer a more reliable quote.

With this information and once we confirming your move, we will schedule dates packing, loading and orient you on the documentation you need and what items prohibited in Mexico to spare problems and extra expenses are.

The day of your move:

  • Staff moving company that you assign presents at home
  • Your items are carefully shipped and inventoried protected
  • These items are charged to the means of transport
  • Moreno International will do for you customs formalities on arrival of your move to Mexico, so they do not have to show up at the office
  • Once the shipment leaves the office and is ready to deliver, we will contact you to agree on the day of delivery

In Guadalajara (delivery of your move)

  • Moreno International staff, wearing full uniform and ID badge is present in your home, the day and time agreed appointment
  • On delivery, the household is discharged from the transport vehicle and placed inside your home, checking that everything it delivered.
  • The furniture is unpacked, tables and beds are assembled, the boxes are opened and its contents are placed in open spaces or left to the unpack at your convenience. Finally, all packaging material waste is removed the same day delivery
  • At the end we will ask the delivery sign the inventory with the items received and their status

The possibility of catastrophic risks is very low, plus the possibility always exists, so we recommend securing your move before you start packing to final delivery.

It is required to ensure secure everything, considering how much it would cost to replace your furniture and personal effects in the country of destination and detail them all in your valued list.Insurers generally do not accept ensure some things and not others.

We work with the best specialized insurers that offer protection to replace or pay for damaged or lost.

Contact and we will inform you of the cost of the insurance premium and policy terms.

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