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Moving to Punta Mita, Nayarit from US-Canada

Moreno International the safest international moving company in Mexico offers moving services to Punta Mita from US or Canada with transportation by land air or ocean container from the United States or Canada to Mexico

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The quality of our moving services and 30 years of experience provide a smoother moving process from US or Canada to Punta Mita giving you more more value for your money

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This beautiful colonial city in Mexico is a common destination for many of our customers. If you are planning to move there, know that we are specialized in moves to Punta Mita. Ask us for references from many happy customers.

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Just 45 minutes away and to the Northeast of Puerto Vallarta, it is located in an exotic landscape formed by volcanic rocks. Here we find large beaches of fine white sand contrasting with spectacular blue waters.

Its principal economic activity is tourism and if you are international moving to Punta Mita, then you will be in a marvelous place to relax and enjoy nature.

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Dont forget that in your international move to Punta Mita we grant you a first quality personalized service.

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