Why do I need Insurance my shipment?

Should I purchase transit insurance for my property while being shipped?

Isn’t the moving company responsible (liable) for my property while it is in their possession?

The answer to both of these questions is - YES!

The moving company handling and shipping your property is liable, but their liability is limited by law. This liability is not insurance.

As an example, all moving companies in The USA are accountable for as little as 0.40 US cents per pound and in Mexico for $500.00 pesos per metric ton or fraction thereof.

For example:

In The United States you ship a wardrobe of clothes valued at US$1300.00 the carton weighs 55 pounds. The carton is lost in transit and cannot be found. The moving company's liability is 40 cents per pound. The maximum claim payment allotted is $22.00 for the lost clothing - a $22.00 compensation for goods that cost you $1300.00. In Mexico the amount paid is even less.

Remember, accidents do happen!

Trucks turn over; ocean vessels capsize; steamship containers do wash off the ocean vessels and airlines do have crashes. Any time property is handled or moved, something can happen. Even the most professional, qualified movers encounter claims for the lost and damaged items.

Statistics show that one moving loss and/or claim is filled for every five international shipment. Do you want to take the gamble that your move will be one in five that has a claim?

Walk through your home and try to assess what it would cost to replace everything you own and are shipping. If the majority of your property is ruined in a vehicle accident, a truck theft, or a warehouse flood or fire, could you replace it for US$0.40 per-pound or $500.00 pesos carrier liability? The answer is a definite NO! So why take a chance that you will not be the one that has a claim?

Please understand that the moving company's liability is just that. It is not, cannot be considered, insurance and it does NOT cover ACTS OF GOD. If a moving company representative states that you have transit insurance, be sure to ask that person for the insurance policy. The moving company's Bill of Lading is not an insurance policy.

Transit insurance is needed and is worth purchasing. It not only saves you thousands of dollars, but also provides peace of mind.

When you buy transit insurance, be sure to read your policy. Know the type and amount of insurance you are purchasing.

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