What should I know about an international moving company?

Pretty soon you might deliver your household goods and belongings to a mover you know little about, and this may result in problems.

If you are well informed, and know the steps to follow, the moving process will proceed with few inconveniences. If not, then brace yourself for the consequences.

Do not decide only on what seems to be a final price. Check this price carefully to find out if all services required are included. If they were not included, but required and you were not told, you will still be responsible.

You need to know, so you have to ask your mover:

  • How may years have they been in business?
  • Why they claim knowing how to ship to and from Mexico?
  • What is their moving experience in Mexico?
  • What documents are needed and which items are considered prohibited ones?
  • Do they have references of customers in your similar situation, that have either moved to Mexico or from Mexico.
  • Will their price and offerings be in writing?
  • What additional charges are expected in addition to the price they quoted you?
  • Can they insure your move door to door?

From their answers you can evaluate their knowledge and experience.

For informative, expert guidance and counseling contact Moreno International. We have the solutions that will avoid you many problems, saving you time and money.

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