What else should I know before moving?

Find out what are the customs regulations of the country you are moving to. Not knowing them might cost you dearly, and you might be risking the seizure of your shipment by customs authorities.

When moving to Mexico you need to know before packing time...

What items are considered prohibited ones and which documents you need to import your shipment into the country.
If upon customs inspection prohibited items are found or you do not have the required documents, then problems start rapidly...

To pile up with fines, costly port delays, port storage charges, and even the risk of partial or total confiscation of the shipment.

Thoroughly check the price you are given and what services are included, so you can compare options, because if any required service is left out then you will pay more than expected.

Packing, pick up of your goods, door to door transportation, customs clearance and delivery are services normally included in the price, but there might be others you might have not been informed of and will have to pay nonetheless.

Be careful. There is always somebody that, aware of your inexperience moving internationally, will take advantage by not telling the full story so they can sell their services, nonetheless you will be responsible to pay, so watch out!

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