What are the risks when moving internationally?

    In general we are aware of the possibility of some damage, missing items, scratched walls, pilferage, etc. but there are some others you should be aware of:

  • Moving contracts

  • If your moving company asks for one before the move begins, make sure you know exactly what you are signing. Find out about money-back guarantees, hidden charges, liability issues, insurance waivers. The moving and relocation industry is a very competitive field, and most times you'll find a good company to do a good job based on their own merits rather than trying to lock in the job and force you to into a contract.

  • Fines, customs seizures, expensive delays and unexpected

  • Charges could happen if you are not well informed and your move is not handled by experts.

  • Letting strangers into your home is always risky

  • This is why it is so important to work with responsible and established movers that have steady and well identified workers.

  • Unscrupulous international movers

  • Searching to take advantage of your lack of knowledge and experience by enticing you to buy for a seemingly low price, but not including needed services that you will have to pay later on.

  • Because several companies intervene in an international move

  • Not having a single company responsible for the whole moving process results in them blaming each other if a problem arises, leaving you on your own.

To avoid these and many more international moving problems, selecting the right international mover is a valuable investment.

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