How to protect from criminals my family in Mexico?

Upmost importance to be aware whom you give access to your home

In Mexico nowadays is of upmost importance to be aware whom you give access to your home, because these persons know where you live, what you own, how many members are in the family, your name and much more information very valuable for criminals. Being alert and observant protecting your family is important.

At Moreno International your safety comes first, so a few days before our movers arrive to your home, you will receive an email with copy of the holographic identification tags of our crew. We only employ steady workers, we do not hire strangers aiming to offer a lower price. Our crews wear company uniforms, wear ID tags, have worked for us for many years and have the experience, expertise, training and equipment to protect and handle your furniture and personal effects.

We only use high quality packing materials and the best protection equipment for your goods, no matter whether they are shipped by ground, air or sea.

Watch out your surroundings, be aware of those that are staring at you, do not open your door to strangers.

Proteccion y Seguridad en Mudanzas