How can I save money on my international move?

1. Ship only what is necessary and sell or give away what you are not using anymore.

This will take some time and effort on your part, but a good selection will reduce the weight and volume of your shipment and hence helps reduce the price of your move.

2. You might even consider not shipping anything at all

And replacing everything in your new country with the money saved from the move, but if it costs more to replace than paying for the move, and move you must, a little research will help you avoid unforeseen expenses you will have to pay anyway.

You now have the advantage of having visited our website and know what questions to ask.

3. Ask what services are included in the price and which are not.

Many companies only quote for certain services to offer a lower price and sell you the move, but there might be other services: That are required and you will have to pay anyway regardless of whether you are aware of not if you want to receive your shipment.
  • Like port charges, delays even if they are not your fault, storage, and many more.

The rule is simple

"The lowest the price of the move the more money you might need, and the higher the price the more of these unforeseen costs have been taken into consideration by the mover and this money reserve does not have to be as big."

If you are planning to use your household goods and personal effects again and again and value your possessions then hire a dependable moving company that has the experience, trained and trustworthy personnel, knowhow, equipment, materials and contacts to ship goods worldwide. Don't hesitate to pay what might seem to be a little more and you will save much aggravation and expense in unforeseen charges, repairs and replacements.

Ahorrar costo en Mudanzas Internacionales