Tips for a International Move

Book your move in advance

Look for your moving company withtime: remember that international movers need several weeks to properly arrange your move

Household Inventory

The inventory is your receipt of goods delivered to the moving company and will be useful to check that all your goods are delivered.

Avoid Deviations in your international shipment

Do not include in your international shipment any items that could be easily pilfered like laptop computers, computer tablets, cell phones, video cameras, etc.

Packing List

Every item on the packing list must be numbered, show general description, what room it was picked up from and its condition. This will help you with any claims to the insurance company and placing goods in the proper rooms at the destination residence

Keep important documents in a safe place

Be careful not to ship and keep under lock and key passports, plane tickets, cash, credit cards, valuable jewelry, deeds, school documents, insurance policies including the one for your move, safety boxes with contents inside it, etc.

Avoid severe penalties and confiscation

Be sure to check with your moving company what items are prohibited to be shipped to avoid heavy fines and confiscation

Pay less for your move

Save money by selling what you no longer use. If you haven’t used it for more than 5 years then most likely you will not need it anymore. This will reduce the weight and volume of your shipment and will earn extra money from the sale of such items

Make unpacking easier

Write down and keep with you the inventory numbers of all cartons containing goods needed for your daily use for easy location at delivery time, like kitchen utensils, bathroom items, clothing, etc.

Insure everything

Buy insurance for all your goods, because insurance companies do not accept partial coverage

Insuring sets and pairs

China sets must be packed inside cartons with dividers to avoid breakage

Point out what you care most

Even though all your goods will be properly packed let surveyor know which ones you care about the most

Refrigerator Care

Unplug your refrigerator several hours before being moved and also wait several hours before hooking to electric outlet

Let Your Mover Know

If you already have a place of residence at your destination, let the movers know of any stairs or long carry, elevator use or parking difficulties for transporting vehicle