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Are you planning on retiring to Mexico? Moreno International, the safest moving company in Mexico, with 35 years of experience on international moves, can help you with your relocation when you come to live in any city in Mexico from any city in The USA or Canada.

Mexico has excellent communities for a happy and peaceful retirement, which are really welcoming locations, for their beautiful landscapes which can range from a heavenly beach to places of grandeur colonial architecture, tranquility in its lifestyle, for their diversity and mysticism of their indigenous culture. Mexico is the number one destination for retired Americans, Canadians and Europeans.

The best places to retire in Mexico are:

Retire to Ajijic
Retire to Lake Chapala
Retire to San Miguel de Allende
Retire to Barra de Navidad
Retire to Punta Mita
Retire to Cancun
Retire to Playa del Carmen
Retire to Puerto Vallarta